Mission of J.S.C. "Organica"

Enjoying our consumers’ confidence to produce effective, safe and qualitative medical drugs, we fulfill our mission by improving technologies, implementing new products and establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relations with our clients.

Working together to heal

J.S.C. "Organica" is the one of the leading producers of medical substances and finished medical forms in Siberia and in Far East. It has its own history since 30 June 1962. It is just when the first production complex was put into operation and in the same year the first preparation, produced by “Organica” - Diuretine - appeared on sale in drugstores.

The basic products at that time were substances of medical preparations which production volume reached 80% of the total output.

Economical policy conducted by the Russian government in the nineties, brought considerable amendments in the company's activity. A low profitability of substance production due to high prices on raw materials and energy resources and necessity of decreasing of environmental impact, reoriented the production to finished medical forms. The production of tablets increased to one billion pcs/year, more than by 400%.

At present "Organica"'s produces preparations of more than 15 pharmaceutical groups in solid and liquid forms (analgetics, anesthetics, cardiovascular, soporifics, vitamins, anxiolytic, neuroleptics etc.), a half of which is included in tne List of vital and essential drugs of the Ministry of Health of RF and in the Necessary Drugs Assistance Program.

"Organica" is steady to renew and increase the nomenclature of its products maintaining close relations with branch scientific-research and academic institutes: the Novokuznetsk Scientific-Research Chemical and Pharmaceutical Institute, the Staray Kupavna All-russian Scientific Centre of Biological Active Substances, the Tomsk State University, the Tomsk Scientific-Research Institute of Pharmacology, the Tomsk Company of Innovative Pharmacological Development.

As far back as the 80-s the company was one of the first to work out a program of import-substitution of the best foreign preparations. Realization of this program resulted in manufacturing a group of psychiatric preparations which have been produced and used for many years in the public health service not only of Russia but also of EAEC countries. Azaleptin, tramadol, drotaverine, amiodarone, nicotinic acid have been the leaders in sales for several years. But life does not stand still and "Organica" production range has been filled up with new preparations: tiapride, sulpiride, risperidone organica, metoprolol organica, lisinopril organica, ketoprofen organica, meldonium organica, the most part of which have been already taken leading sales positions.

A chemical complex for substances production for finished medical preparations and possibility for purification of import substances are serious competitive “Organica”'s advantages.

Taking into account consumers demands, “Organica” defines a basic goal of its activity in the sphere of quality:
Production of effective, safe and qualitative medical drugs meeting consumers demands and expectations.

"Organica" is a regular participant in international exhibitions of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, international congresses and conferences. High quality of our products is confirmed by numerous awards (medals, diplomas), but a kind word of a recovered is of primary importance for us.

"Organica"'s trade mark is up-to-date technologies, reliability and quality.

List of products according to pharmacological groups



Euphyllin (Aminophylline*) tablets of 150mg N30
Pentoxiphylline (Pentoxiphylline*) tablets of 100mg N60; 



Clopheline (Clonidine Hydrochloride*) tablets of 0,15mg, 0,075mg N50; 
                                                    a solution of 0,1 mg/ml 1ml N10



Analgin (Metamizole Sodium*) tablets of 500mg N20
Ketoprofen Organica (Ketoprofen*) tablets of 100mg N20;
                                                   capsules 50mg N20
Paracetamol ( Paracetamol*) tablets of 500mg N10, N20
Tramadol (Tramadol*) tablets of 100mg N20;
                                 a solution of 50 mg/ml 1ml N5, N10
                                 a solution of 50 mg/ml 2ml N5, N10



Anestezine (Benzocaine*) substance
Dicaine (Tetracaine*) substance
Lidocaine  (Lidocaine*) a solution of 20 mg/ml, 100 mg/ml 2ml N10
Novocaine (Procaine*) substance;
                                a solution of 5 mg/ml 5ml N10
Novocaine base (Procaine base*) substance 



Levomicetine (Chloramphenicol*) tablets of 250mg, 500mg N10



Drotaverine (Drotaverine*) tablets of 40mg N20, N50, N100



Alprazolam (Alprazolam*) tablets of 0,25mg, 1mg N50
Mezapam (Medazepam*) tablets of 10mg N50
Nitrazepam (Nitrazepam*) tablets of 5mg N20
Nozepam (Oxazepam*) tablets of 10mg N50
Sibazon (Diazepam*) tablets of 5mg N20;



Amiodaron (Amiodarone*) tablets of 200mg N30
Novocainamide (Procainamide*) tablets of 250mg N20;
                                              a solution of 100 mg/ml 5ml N10;



Dimebon (Dimethylmethylpyridinylethyltetrahydrocarbolyn*) tablets of 10mg N30


Beta - adrenergic blocker

Metoprolol Organica (Metoprolol*) tablets of 25mg N30, N60; 50mg N30, N60


Trihexyphenidyl Organica (Trihexyphenidyl*) tablets of 2mg N50



Oxodoline (Chlortalidone*) tablets of 50mg N50


Inhibitors of angiotensintransforming ferment

Enalaprile Maleate (Enalapril Maleat*) tablets of 10mg N20
Lisinopril Organica (Lisinopril*) tablets of 5mg N20. 30; 10mg N20, N30



Meldonium Organica (Meldonium*) a solution of 100 mg/ml 5ml N10



Azaleptine® (Clozapine*) tablets of 100mg, 25mg N50
Risperidone Organica (Risperidone*) tablets of 2mg, 4mg N20
Sulpiride (Sulpiride*) tablets of 50mg, 200mg N30;
                               a solution of 50 mg/ml 2ml N10
Thiapride (Tiapride*) tablets of 100mg N30;
                               a solution of 50 mg/ml 2ml N10    


Venlafaxine Organica (Venlafaxine*) tablets of 37,5mg, 75mg N30 


Aminolon (Gamma-aminobutyric acid*) tablets of 250mg N50, N100
Phenibut (Phenibut*) tablets of 250mg N10, N20
Piracetam (Piracetam*) tablets of 200mg N60;
                                  a solution of 20 mg/ml 5ml N10


A preparation for treating of gout

Allopurinol (Allopurinol*) tablets of 100mg N50, 300mg N30



Nicotinic acid (Acid Nicotinic*) a solution of 10 mg/ml 1ml N10
Ascorutine (Ascorutine*) tablets 50mg N10, N50